Wilton Corridor Project: Phase 1 Dennehy’s Cross to Wilton Gardens

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Wilton Corridor Project, Phase 1

Dennehy’s Cross to Wilton Gardens





Cork City Council commissioned a transportation assessment in 2014 for the South West & South Central parts of the city. The assessment, titled: “Cork South West/Central Strategic Transport Corridors” identified infrastructural deficiencies along the road network and suggested a package of infrastructural works aimed at addressing these issues. The proposed solutions focused on the delivery and promotion of sustainable transport infrastructure within the confines of the existing road corridor.  Each of the recommended projects was evaluated using a number of criteria and a prioritised list for investment was identified.

The Wilton Corridor was deemed to be the highest priority route due to a number of factors including the large volumes of traffic using the route, the concentration of public transport along the route etc. A Part 8 Planning application for Wilton Road was published in July 2016 to progress some of the recommendations from the Cork South West/Central Strategic Transport Corridors Study.

A number of planning submissions were received in response to the 2016 proposals and issues such as: - the need for dedicated cycle infrastructure, the need to improve road safety and the need to signalise the Wilton Gardens Junction was suggested.

In the intervening period it has become apparent from supplemental transport analysis that a higher order network improvement project is required in order to serve the immediate and future sustainable transport needs of the area. The problems at Dennehy’s Cross are of particular concern and warrant an immediate response in advance of any possible larger corridor project.  This approach is supported by the National Transport Authority who is providing the necessary funding for the proposed works.



The objective is to identify and deliver enhanced, safe and appropriate transport infrastructure aimed at providing sufficient capacity to meet current and future travel demands in the area with particular focus on facilities for sustainable transport modes.



The proposed package of infrastructural work to be progressed includes the following:-

●          The section of Wilton Road between (and including) Dennehy’s Cross to the Wilton Gardens Junction will be realigned and widened.

●          Footpaths will be widened and repaved for the safety and convenience of pedestrians

●          Controlled crossing facilities will be provided at all junctions for the safety of pedestrians

●          A dedicated inbound and dedicated outbound cycle lane will be provided for the safety and convenience of cyclist.

●          A dedicated outbound bus lane will be provided and the existing inbound bus lane will be retained

●          All bus stops within the works area will be upgraded and real time passenger information displays installed.

●          A signalised junction will be introduced at the Wilton Gardens Junction to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of all modes of transportation.

●          Right turning vehicles from Wilton Road onto Magazine Road will be prohibited in order to optimise the performance of the junction.

●          Carriageways will be repaved and relined.

●          Public lighting will be renewed.

●          Utility services will be renewed and spare capacity provided in order to future proof the service network.

●          Hard & soft landscaping will be provided.

●          Other related ancillary works will be provided:- signage, tactile paving, bollards etc


To facilitate the above work it will be necessary to acquire certain lands from a number of adjoining property owners. The precise extent of land acquisition required is outlined in the accompanying drawings. Cork City Council will seek to secure the acquisition of this land through agreement with the relevant property owners. In situations where agreements cannot be reached Cork City Council may need to exercise its compulsory purchase powers.

The construction phase is expected to commence in early 2020.The construction programme is expected to take approximately 9 months to complete.

The City Council will work closely with affected parties to ensure that disruption is minimised throughout the construction phase. Access to properties will be maintained at all times.



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Particulars of the proposals are available for inspection to the right of this page under the "MATERIALS" heading or at the Reception Desk, City Hall, Anglesea St, Cork from 15th March until 30th April 2019, between the hours of 9:00am and 4.00pm, Monday to Friday.

The documents included;

  • Doc 1 Press Notice Irish Examiner 15/03/2019
  • Doc 2 Part 8 Site Notice
  • Doc 3 Proposed Layout and Land Aquisition Drawings
  • Doc 4 Appropriate Assesment Screening
  • Doc 5 Sub Threshold Enviormental Impact Statement Screening
  • Doc 6 Description of Project



Submissions and observations dealing with the proper planning and sustainable development of the area in which the proposed development is situated, may be made by clicking on the "MAKE A SUBMISSION" Icon to the top right of this page or in writing to the Roads Design & Construction Division, Room 331, City Hall, Cork. The submission must be made on or before 4.00pm on 15th May 2019. It should be in an envelope, clearly marked ‘Wilton Corridor Project: Dennehy’s Cross.’


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68 submissions have raised observations relating to this consultation.


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