Alderbrook Pedestrian Improvement Scheme

Dúntadate_range29 Ean, 2021, 9:00am - 26 Fea, 2021, 5:00pm

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Alderbrook Pedestrian Improvement Scheme


Notice Under Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994


Pursuant to the provisions of Section 38 of the Road Traffic Act 1994, Cork City Council hereby gives notice of its intention to carry out the following traffic management measures in the interest of the safety and convenience of road users.


Alderbrook Pedestrian Improvement Scheme


It is proposed to provide a new footpath link from Alderbrook Estate to the Pedestrian Crossing at the Junction of The Airport Road and Frankfield Road.

It is also proposed upgrade of the pedestrian crossing will improve use for visually impaired and wheelchair users. New public lighting is proposed at the location also.

The main elements of the proposed works at this location are:


  • Provide a new footpath link from the existing footpath at Alderbrook to the Junction of Frankfield Road and Airport Road.
  • Provide a new Pedestrian Entrance to Alderbrook including new wall and fence.
  • Upgrade the pedestrian facilities at the existing junction to a 4m pedestrian crossing with tactile paving and audio sounders.
  • Provide New Public Lighting along proposed footpath.
  • Planting of new trees to replace the existing trees that will be removed to facilitate the works.
  • New road marking and signage.
  • Other necessary associated works.


Details of the proposed works are available for inspection online at


Alternatively they will be available by appointment for inspection on working days from 29th of January 2021 to Friday the 26th of February 2021 at Reception Desk, Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork.

Please phone 021-4924000 to arrange an appointment.


Any observations in relation to this proposal may be made:


  • forwarded in an envelope marked “Alderbrook Pedestrian Improvement Scheme” to Senior Engineer, Infrastructure Development, City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork.


Final date for submissions is 4pm on Friday the 26th of February 2021.


All comments, including names and addresses of those making submissions and observations, submitted to Cork City Council in regard to this scheme, will form part of the statutorily required report to be presented at the monthly meeting of Cork City Council. Accordingly, they will be included in the minutes of that meeting and may appear in the public domain. Cork City Council will retain data for no longer than is necessary and in accordance with the Council’s Retention Policy and relevant Data Protection legislation.


Dated 29th January 2021