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CORK CITY LECP 2016 – 2021



Public Consulation on Amendments to the Draft Cork City LECP

The amendments to the Draft Cork City Local Economic & Community Plan 2016-2020; “PURE CORK - An Action Plan for the City” and associated environmental reports are now available for public consultation. The public consultation period is for six weeks, with the closing date for submission or observations from any interested persons, groups or stakeholders being 5pm, Friday 16th September 2016.

Cork City Council encourages all interested parties to get involved in the plan making process by using this consultation website. By registering on this website, you can make a submission or observation on the specific sections of the plan that interest you. This allows Cork City Council to clearly understand what specific area of the Draft plan your submission is referencing.

The submissions received during the Draft LECP consultation period (24th May - 14th June 2016) have informed the amendments to the Draft plan outlined herein. More localised actions and proposals contained within these submission will also be considered as part of the future preparation of an implementation plan used to help drive the monitoring, implementation and review of the plan over the next six years.

The Draft LECP and associated environmental reports are also available to view on Cork City Council’s website;

A hard copy is available to view at the reception in Cork City Hall or in any of the Cork City Council Libraries.  A submission or enquiry can also be made as follows:

  • Online using this consultation portal using 'Make a Submission' feature.
  • By email:
  • By writing to: Cork City Local Economic and Community Plan Submission, Social Inclusion Unit, Level 2, Cork City Hall, Anglesea Street, Cork, Ireland.
  • By contacting the Cork City Council by phone: 021-4924790

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The Cork City Local Economic & Community Plan (LECP) 2016 – 2021 will be an action driven plan used to guide economic and community development in the city over the next six years. This plan will seek to build on the structures, work and achievements of Cork 2012 – Imagine Our Future and the work of the Cork City Development Board.  Imagine Our Future was central to generating the delivery of creative initiatives such as the Cork City LifeLong Learning Festival, Cork Healthy Cities, the Discovery Science Exhibition, the Interagency Traveller Group and inter agency work on LGBT in the City.  

While this plan recognises and reflects the importance of spatial development, it is not a spatial development plan. The forthcoming National Planning Framework (NPF), the Southern Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES) and the existing Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021 will provide the strategic guidance for sustainable land use planning for the city. The LECP will drive a series of actions to progress communities and stimulate economic development at a local level, within this strategic context. Neither is it a plan for one local organisation. It is very much a multi-agency plan, which will require both cross-sectoral input and cross sectoral ownership.

What is an LECP?

The passing into law of the Local Government Reform Act 2014 necessitated a number of changes to the administration of local government in Ireland. Among the more significant of these developments was a new statutory requirement that local authorities should prepare an integrated Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP), comprising specific economic and community elements, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development. These plans are to provide a service delivery planning framework over a six-year period.

In order to support the implementation of the LECP, the Minister for the Environment, Community, and Local Government, issued guidelines to local authorities on the preparation of the plan. These guidelines set out a five stage process for developing an LECP:LECP stages of preparation


The Plan Making Process

The plan making process requires inputs from a number of key groups tasked with co-ordinating and delivering High Level Goals, Objectives and Actions:

The plan making process


Guiding Principles for the LECP

The Cork City LECP is underpinned seven guiding principles, identified as part of a Socio-Economic Statement that initiated the making of this plan:

  1. Sustainability – promoting a more resource efficient, green and more inclusive society and economy
  2. Maximising returns by co-operation, collaboration and avoiding duplication
  3. Participative ‘ bottom-up’ approach– ensuring meaningful community participation and consultation in the planning process
  4. The promotion and mainstreaming of equality
  5. Harnessing existing local and community development infrastructure to make best use of resources
  6. Community development principles – addressing social exclusion and providing supports for the most marginalised
  7. Accessibility and ownership – written in a straight forward style

The plan will seek to integrate these guiding principles by focusing on the following types of actions:

  • Bottom-Up Actions: Guide and inform the work of plans that operate at a strategic level (national, regional, metropolitan, and gateway)
  • Local Level Actions: Support the implementation of existing/future stakeholder strategies that influence the development of Cork City at local level
  • GAP Actions: Identify inter agency gaps in the economic and community development of the city

Actions will need to have due regard to the nature of the action, the partners tasked with implementing the action and their level of ability to achieve that action. In doing so, it is hoped that every effort is made to ensure the LECP is both practical and implementable.

Public Consultation

Consultation processes need to play a central role in the development of the LECP for the City. There has always been evidence of strong collaboration across agencies, social partners and the local development and community development sectors in Cork City. This LECP needs to represent a strengthening of these collaborations, allowing for shared ownership, policy consistency and the achievement of common goals for the good of the city. The consultation process involved in the formation of the plan, commenced early in 2015 and involved intense engagement with a wide and varied range of economic and community stakeholders at work in the City:

Examples of Cork City Stakeholder Engagement

High Level Goals (HLG’s) for Cork City LECP

The LECP will be structured around 15 HLG’s that provide the overall structure for the implementation of this action plan. The forthcoming actions will then be realised through a range of strategic objectives with specific actions for each.

The focus of these HLG’s is not on the core business of any one agency but on cross cutting multi-agency areas of work, avoiding duplication and enhancing collaboration. A number of citywide multi- agency structures are already in place under some of these HLG’s. Many of these also have local participation structures in place (e.g. the Joint Policing Committee holds local community safety fora).  A key challenge is to create a range of public services that respond to changing local needs.

High level goals - themes 1-7

High level goals - themes 8-15




Next Steps




General Public Display & Final feedback from any stakeholders

8th August – 16th September (6 weeks)

Draft LECP for final approval to SPC, LCDC & Joint meeting


  • SPC (Oct - tbc)
  • LCDC (6th Oct)
  • Joint meeting (Oct - tbc)


Approved final Draft reviewed by Southern Regional Assembly


14th October  

Approval of Draft LECP by Full Council


24th October