A profile of the city

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Cork City is a unique and distinctive place due to a combination of features, places, people and ideals.  To help capture this essence, this plan uses a comprehensive socio-economic evidence base to provide a sound footing for decision making, thereby ensuring the approach taken is robust, reliable and justifiable. Two key documents of note have been used:

The Cork City Profile (2014)

Drawing on the invaluable work of the collaboration between Social Inclusion Unit and the Cork Healthy Cities Group, The Cork City Profile 2014 provides a robust inter agency evidence base containing an in-depth analysis of a rich collection of data on Cork City. The report covers ten different themes ranging from demography and economy to housing and deprivation. The report has provided the LECP with strong socio-economic profile of the city.

The Cork City LECP – Baseline Report (2016)

Identifying the need for an outwardly looking evidence base, the Cork City LECP – Baseline Report (2016) was researched and published by Cork City Council and the All Ireland Research Observatory (AIRO).  This report has identified and used a number of existing boundary definitions that have a spatial importance into how Cork City operates. These boundaries are used to compare and analyse of data at different spatial scales from national to city, to sub city levels. The comparative analysis approach taken within this report illustrates the performance of a wide range of different indicators at city and sub city levels. The grouping of these indicators can therefore provide a focused profile allows for comparative analysis of both the city and of sub city areas against the State, the region and other cities.

An understanding A full review of the current international, national and local policy context is also required was also carried out to understand how the city can implement the best actions, most effectively and efficiently, transforming this plans vision into reality.


Analysing the City

Each of the 15 HLG’s that inform this action plan are reflective of the challenges that are faced at local, regional, national and international levels in making Cork City a great place to live, work and enjoy. This section gives an overview of both the policy review and the evidence base carried out to inform this plan, for each of the 15 HLG’s that drive this plan. High level goals - birds eye view of cityFigure 7: Making Cork City a great place to Live, Work and Enjoy