4. Adaptation and Implementation

Closed30 Jul, 2019, 5:00pm - 13 Sep, 2019, 5:00pm


Introduction – Guiding Principles

A total of 55 actions under 7 themes have been identified to support Cork city’s adaption to climate change and address the risks presented in Section 3.  The seven key thematic areas, together with their objectives and actions, have been developed with the following four guiding principles, to ensure an understanding of the role of adaptation and that a coherent approach to the impacts of climate change is considered in the service delivery of Cork City Council.


  • Mainstream Adaptation: That climate change adaptation is a core consideration and is mainstreamed in all Cork City Council services and activities. Additionally, it aims to ensure that Cork City Council is well positioned to benefit from economic development opportunities that may emerge due to a commitment to a proactive climate change adaptation and community resilience.
  • Informed Decision Making: That effective and informed decision making within Cork City Council is based on reliable and robust information having regard to key impacts, risks and vulnerabilities of the county. This will support long term financial planning, effective management of risks and help to prioritise actions.
  • Building Resilience: That improved awareness and appreciation of climate change will encourage communities to adapt to the anticipated impacts and promote a sustainable and robust action response and that the needs of vulnerable communities are prioritised and addressed.
  • Capitalising on Opportunities: Predicted climate change can sometimes result in additional benefits and opportunities for the local authority. A register of opportunities will enable Cork City Council to encourage communities, stakeholders and interested parties to collaborate on the potential benefits of climate change.