4.1 Themes and Actions

Closed30 Jul, 2019, 5:00pm - 13 Sep, 2019, 5:00pm


Themes & Actions

The 7 themes, which are of equal priority, are listed below. 

  1. Local Adaptation Governance and Business Operations: To support implementations of adaptation planning in all Council activities and operations and to build resilience within Cork City Council to support service delivery.
  2. Infrastructure and Built Environment: To increase resilience of roads and transport infrastructure and of Council owed assets, including municipal buildings, depots and the public housing stock.
  3. Land Use and Development: To integrate climate action considerations into land-use planning.
  4. Drainage, Water and Flood Management: To adapt to the increased risk and impact of flooding and to liaise and work with other bodies responsible for management of water resources.
  5. Nature, Natural Resources and Cultural Infrastructure: To develop approaches to protect the natural and key cultural assets in Cork City Council.
  6. Citizen Safety, Health and Wellbeing: To build capacity & resilience within communities in regard to climate adaptation.
  7. Partnerships with other Sectors and Agencies: To collaborate with other Sectors and Agencies in programs relating to climate action and adaptation planning.



The seven thematic areas are presented in detail in the next section of the document, with proposed adaptation objectives and corresponding adaptation actions for the five year duration of this strategy.

The actions proposed in this strategy may be amended following submissions during the public consultation process. While some actions can be implemented as proposed, others will need further preparatory work prior to implementation. The proposed actions may also be modified to take account of actions proposed in other sectoral adaptation strategies and from other recent and future key publications such as the ‘All of Government ‘ Climate Action Plan 2019.