Cork City Council will establish suitable structures to oversee the implementation of this Climate Change Adaptation Strategy as illustrated in Figure 4.1. below.  This governance is proposed until such time as the Strategic Policy Committees of Cork City Council  are established, at which stage it is recommended that the members of Cork City Council review the governance structure for this strategy.

  • Cork City Council: The elected members of Cork City Council are responsible for adoption of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.  The City Council will approve any amendments to the strategy.
  • Climate Action Committee:  One of the first actions of the newly elected City Council was to establish a Climate Action Committee.  This committee will have oversight of the implementation of this strategy and make recommendations to Cork City Council in relation to any amendments to the plan. 


  • Senior Management Team: The Senior Management Team will be responsible for the day –to-day delivery of the Climate Change Adaptation Strategy. 
  • Project Teams: Project Teams will be established, where appropriate to implement the actions of the strategy.  These teams may include members from directorates and other stakeholder organisations as outlined in the actions below.