13. Implementation

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This Draft Development Plan sets out Cork City Council’s strategic vision and strategy for the sustainable growth of Cork City over the Plan period of 2022-2028 and presents a framework for the development of Cork City in the long term.


The Core Strategy, Objectives and Land Use Zoning Objectives in this Plan will guide future development proposals through the planning application and Council development “Part 8” application processes. Cork City Council is legally obliged to implement the provisions of this Plan and is committed to securing its objectives to secure the long-term, sustainable development of Cork City.



It is essential to monitor the implementation of the Development Plan and in particular the Core Strategy and Strategic Objectives to ensure that the development of Cork City is aligned with national and regional frameworks. Monitoring is also important to understand how effective the Development Plan’s objectives are in securing the delivery of compact, sustainable development.


It is not possible to monitor every aspect of a Development Plan. Traditionally local authorities monitor the number of planning applications made each year, and the number of houses delivered. While these are useful statistics, other data must be monitored to ascertain the effectiveness of this Plan and ensure it is aligned with the National Planning Framework (NPF) and Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy (RSES). To establish an effective monitoring regime Cork City Council will commit to monitoring a range of actions and objectives set out in this Plan to better understand the extent to which objectives of this Plan are being realised.


The overarching issues which will be monitored are the delivery of homes, the delivery of employment, climate change, education, health and environment. The delivery of sites identified in the Core Strategy for housing will also be closely monitored, in order to ensure that this Plan delivers compact growth in Cork City. This Plan also identifies several Neighbourhood Development sites (within Chapter 10), and Cork City Council will monitor the delivery of compact, sustainable development on these sites.


This approach to monitoring moves toward a richer form of planning review by incorporating measurable indicators for better evaluation, and will assist Cork City Council in meeting statutory reporting requirements including the two year progress report (as required under Section 15(2) of The Act) and the report to the Southern Regional Assembly setting out progress made in support of the RSES (as required under Section 25A(1) of The Act).


Cork City Council will also seek to adapt and update the Cork City Capacity Study database for use as an urban brownfield and infill land register for the purposes of monitoring the NPF compact growth targets. Objectives within the Core Strategy address monitoring and evaluation.



Cork City Council will play an active role in delivery of the City Development Plan objectives. The Council will pursue a range of funding sources, by way of development contributions and other Council income, along with Exchequer and EU funding to support the implementation of the plan. Where appropriate, the City Council Annual Service Delivery Plans will be focused on the delivery of the Plan objectives.


Cork City Council cannot deliver the objectives of this plan in isolation. This will require a range of public and private sector stakeholders. Cork City Council will work with a range of Government Departments and State Agencies to deliver the plan, for example a Docklands Delivery Office is being established in partnership with the Land Development Agency to coordinate the development of the Docklands. The Council will continue to liaise with a range of other agencies to support the delivery of their strategies and plans for Cork in line with the City Development Plan.


Cork City Council will work with the private sector to unlock investment in the city in a sustainable way. Cork City Council will support the preparation of Framework Plans for areas identified in this Plan, and through active land management will work with developers, utilities, service providers and land owners to deliver specific development objectives for particular areas throughout the City. In particular, this will focus on development and improvement of the City Centre, addressing the vacancy, underutilisation and dereliction and supporting the development of Neighbourhood Development Sites, which are designed to unlock the potential for areas throughout the City. Cork City Council will also work with local communities to prepare and implement regeneration plans for particular areas of the City.


The City Development Plan does not function in isolation but is part of a suite of plans prepared by a range of organisations, that are designed to improve, social, economic and health outcomes for residents of Cork. Cork City Council will support the delivery of these plans. In particular, Cork City Council will play an active role in the preparation and implementation of the Local Community and Enterprise Plan.


Cork City Council is committed to continuing to build on the status of Cork as a World Health Organisation Healthy City, an Age Friendly City and a UNESCO Learning City. The City Council will support initiatives that enhance the inclusivity and diversity of the City.


While development objectives often take a number of plan cycles to be fully realised, the monitoring of the delivery and implementation of this Plan will provide a first step towards assessing the Plan’s outcomes continuing through successive City
Development Plans.



For this Development Plan to be successful, stakeholders will need to collaborate effectively to deliver on the ground. This means Cork City Council working to achieve the Core Strategy and strategic objectives with Government Departments, State Agencies and academic institutions, utilities, artistic and cultural organisations, health and social services providers, sports groups, businesses community groups and representative organisations.



All Development Plan related information is available at www.corkcitydevelopmentplan.ie The website provides access to the Development Plan and its accompanying environmental assessments and supporting documents. Also available on the website is the Process Overview document which explains how the Plan is made and how and when people can influence the Plan by participating in the plan-making process through making submissions during the public consultation stages.


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