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AA                   Appropriate Assessment

ABTA              Area Based Transport Assessment

ACA                Architectural Conservation Area

AHLV              Areas of High Landscape Value

AHS                Average Household Size

AIRO               All Ireland Reservation Observatory

BRT                 Bus Rapid Transit

CARO             Climate Action Regional Office

CASP              Cork Area Strategic Plan

CBC                Core Bus Corridor

CCAP              Climate Change Action Plan

CCC                Cork City Council

CCNP             Cork Cycle Network Plan

CFRAMS        Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Study

CMATS           Cork Metropolitan Area Transport Study

COMAH          (Seveso II Directive) Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances

CRA                Core Retail Area

CSIP               Cork Science and Innovation Park

CSO                Central Statistics Office

CUH                Cork University Hospital

DAA                Dublin Airport Authority

DAP                Drainage Area Plan

DHLGH           Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage (previously DHPLG, DHPCLG, DECLG, DEHLG)


DMURS          Design Manual for Urban Roads and Streets

DPH                Dwellings per Hectare

DSR                Derelict Sites Register

EIA                  Environmental Impact Assessment

EPA                 Environmental Protection Agency

ESB                 Electricity Supply Board

ESRI               Economic and Social Research Institute

EU                   European Union

EV                   Electric Vehicle

FAR                 Floor Area Ratio

FDI                  Foreign Direct Investment

GAA                Gaelic Athletic Association

GBI                  Green and Blue Infrastructure

HNDA             Housing Need and Demand Assessment

HSE                Health Service Executive

ICT                  Information and Communication Technology

IDA                  Industrial Development Authority

LAP                 Local Area Plan

LCDC              Local Community Development Committees

LECP              Local Economic and Community Plan

LEO                 Local Enterprise Office

LIHAF              Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund

LPZ                 Landscape Preservation Zone

MaaS              Mobility as a Service

MASP             Cork Metropolitan Area Strategic Plan

MTU                Munster Technological University (formerly Cork Institute of Technology)

MUGA             Multi-use Games Area

NBS                Nature Based Solutions

NDP                National Development Plan

NHA                Natural Heritage Area

NIAH               National Inventory of Architectural Heritage

NPF                 National Planning Framework

NPO                National Planning Objective

NPWS             National Parks and Wildlife Service

NSO                National Strategic Outcome

NTA                 National Transport Authority

OPR                Office of the Planning Regulator

OPW               Office of Public Works

pNHA              proposed Natural Heritage Area

PPN                Public Participation Network

RAPID             Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development

RMP                Record of Monuments and Places

RPO                Regional Policy Objective

RPS                Record of Protected Structures

RSES              Regional Spatial and Economic Strategy

RSO                Regional Strategic Outcome

SAC                Special Area of Conservation

SDG                Sustainable Development Goals (United Nations)

SEA                 Strategic Environmental Assessment

SECAP           Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan

SFRA              Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

SOs                 Strategic Objectives (set out in this Development Plan)

SPA                 Special Protection Area

SPPR              Specific Planning Policy Requirement

SRA                Southern Regional Assembly

SSF                 Serviced Sites Fund

SUDS              Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions

TEN-T             Trans European Transport Network

TII                    Transport Infrastructure Ireland

TOD                Transport Oriented Development

TPO                Tree Preservation Order

TTA                 Transport and Traffic Assessment

UCC                University College Cork

UN                   United Nations

UNESCO        UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

URDF              Urban Regeneration and Development Fund